A Place to Go

Published May 20, 2015

Hello, World

When you’re a writer, you can create places in your mind and on paper that are all your own.  Very often I find that when the real world gets too ugly, writing is a place where I have more control.   For instance, in that world of fiction I can dig into the minds of my characters and be in a place that is more sensitive, more subtle.

What is interesting, I think, is that this little world of a writer’s fiction is often the way a writer can influence the society around him.  However, it is still his little world and I think his goal for writing is to communicate this little world to other people.

I still feel that communicating with others and that connection which comes with communicating with others are the things that drive writers.  At least, they are the things that drive me.

Have a good day,

J. R. Bacon