Creating Characters

Published May 12, 2015

Fellow Writers:

I do spend a lot of time creating characters.  I even have a format that I follow.  It includes all kinds of things, such as date of birth, this person’s view of people and the ones this person likes.  Religious views are discussed as well, and what colors the person likes or whether the person has been in the military.  The character profile might cover as many as 30 pages, including an interview with sometimes embarrassing questions.

What is shocking, however, is how a character that I carefully profile will take off on his or her own.  Of course that’s part of the challenge of writing – the fluidity of it.  Writing is not a science, obviously, and therefore has that loose, sometimes unrehearsed quality which will surprise even the writer.

Sometimes when I’m writing a novel, I feel more like I’m reading one written by someone else, rather than writing my own.

It’s always challenging, but why would you do something that isn’t challenging?

Have a good day,

J.R. Bacon